Unineed CN Mid-Autumn event

Happy Mid-Autumn Festival! In the next three days of the holiday Unineed CN for you to recommend Top brands; hope you arrange the next 3 days of exposure before the holiday, thank you for your support, thank you!

Unineed CN Mid-Autumn event

Event time: 9/18-9/25


Week brand discount Price(RMB) Code Link
Saturday La Mer Extra 18%off MA18 https://cn.unineed.com/skincare/la-mer.html
La Mer The Eye Concentrate – 15ml Extra 18%off 1242.47 MA18 https://cn.unineed.com/la-mer-eye-concentrate-15ml.html
La Mer The Moisturizing Soft Cream – 60ml Extra 18%off 1802 MA18 https://cn.unineed.com/la-mer-the-moisturizing-soft-cream-60ml.html
La Mer – Genaissance de La Mer The Infused Lotion (150ml) Extra 18%off 1515.14 MA18 https://cn.unineed.com/la-mer-genaissance-de-la-mer-the-infused-lotion-150ml.html
Armani Extra 18%off MA18 https://cn.unineed.com/accessories/armani.html
Emporio Armani Ladies Stainless Steel and Rhinestone Watch AR1925 Extra 18%off 1150.68 MA18 https://cn.unineed.com/emporio-armani-ladies-stainless-steel-and-rhinestone-watch-ar1925.html
Emporio Armani Ladies’ Watch – Silver Extra 18%off 1150.68 MA18 https://cn.unineed.com/emporio-armani-ladies-watch-silver.html
Emporio Armani – Ladies Gianni Silver/Rose Gold Stainless Watch AR11223 Extra 18%off 1216.66 MA18 https://cn.unineed.com/emporio-armani-ladies-gianni-silver-rose-gold-stainless-watch-ar11223.html
Sisley Extra 25%off MA25 https://cn.unineed.com/skincare/sisley.html
Sisley Ecological Compound – 125ml Extra 25%off 887.96 MA25 https://cn.unineed.com/sisley-ecological-compound-125ml.html
Sisley Black Rose Skin Fusion Cream – 50ml Extra 25%off 711.84 MA25 https://cn.unineed.com/sisley-black-rose-skin-fusion-cream.html
Sisley Sisleÿa L’Intégral Anti-Âge – 50ml Extra 25%off 1836.54 MA25 https://cn.unineed.com/sisley-sisleya-l-integral-anti-age.html
Valmont Extra 20%off MA20 https://cn.unineed.com/skincare/valmont.html
Valmont Prime Renewing Pack Cream – 50ml Extra 20%off 1076 MA20 https://cn.unineed.com/valmont-prime-renewing-pack-facial-cream-mask-50ml.html
Valmont – Hydra 3 Regenetic Serum (125ml) Extra 20%off 1148.09 MA20 https://cn.unineed.com/p-p.html
Valmont Elixir Des Glaciers Votre Visage Swiss Poly-Active Cream (50ml) Extra 20%off 2673.06 MA20 https://cn.unineed.com/valmont-elixir-des-glaciers-votre-visage-swiss-poly-active-cream-50ml-30940.html
Sunday Clarins Extra 22%off MA22 https://cn.unineed.com/skincare/clarins.html
Clarins New Double Serum Set: 2 x Double Serum 30 ml Extra 22%off 743.25 MA22 https://cn.unineed.com/clarins-double-serum-set-2-x-double-serum-30-ml.html
Clarins – Extra Firming Partners Set (Dry Skin): Day Cream (50ml) & Night Cream (50ml) Dry Skin – 2pcs Extra 22%off 717.16 MA22 https://cn.unineed.com/clarins-extra-firming-partners-dry-skin-day-cream-50ml-night-cream-50ml-2pcs.html
Clarins – Extra-Firming Night Cream for all Skin Types (50ml) Extra 22%off 405.73 MA22 https://cn.unineed.com/clarins-extra-firming-night-cream-for-all-skin-types-50ml.html
Philips Electric toothbrush Extra 18%off MA18 https://cn.unineed.com/philips4.html
Philips Sonicare Airfloss Pro HX8033/26 Interdental Nozzles – 3 Pack Extra 18%off 132.32 MA18 https://cn.unineed.com/philips-sonicare-airfloss-pro-hx8033-26-interdental-nozzles-3-pack.html
Philips – Series 5000 Pro Hair Clipper HC5100/13 Extra 18%off 205.88 MA18 https://cn.unineed.com/philips-series-5000-pro-hair-clipper-hc5100-13.html
Monday La Prairie Extra 18%off MA18 https://cn.unineed.com/skincare/la-prairie.html
La Prairie – New Skin Caviar Luxe Eye Cream (20ml) Extra 18%off 2155.06 MA18 https://cn.unineed.com/la-prairie-skin-caviar-luxe-eye-cream-20ml.html
La Prairie Skin Caviar Essence in Lotion – 150ml Extra 18%off 1426.87 MA18 https://cn.unineed.com/la-prairie-skin-caviar-essence-in-lotion-150ml.html
La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream Sheer 50ml Extra 18%off 2544.89 MA18 https://cn.unineed.com/la-prairie-sc-luxe-cream-sheer-bcc-50ml.html
SmoothSkin Extra 18%off MA18 https://cn.unineed.com/skincare/smoothskin.html
Smoothskin – Bare Plus Ultra Fast IPL Hair Removal System Extra 18%off 1254.17 MA18 https://cn.unineed.com/smoothskin-bare-plus-ultra-fast-ipl-hair-removal-system.html
SmoothSkin – Pure IPL Hair Removal Device Extra 18%off 1735.8 MA18 https://cn.unineed.com/smoothskin-pure-ipl-hair-removal-device.html
Tuesday Jo Malone Extra 20%off MA20 https://cn.unineed.com/fragrance/jo-malone.html
Jo Malone – Lime Basil & Mandarin Scent Diffuser (165ml) Extra 20%off 609.89 MA20 https://cn.unineed.com/jo-malone-lime-basil-mandarin-scent-diffuser-165ml.html
Jo Malone – Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense (100ml) Extra 20%off 918.46 MA20 https://cn.unineed.com/jo-malone-oud-bergamot-cologne-intense-100ml.html
Jo Malone – Wild Bluebell Cologne (30ml) Extra 20%off 437.66 MA20 https://cn.unineed.com/jo-malone-wild-bluebell-cologne-30ml.html
Elizabeth Arden Extra 20%off MA20 https://cn.unineed.com/skincare/elizabeth-arden.html
Elizabeth Arden – Prevage Anti-Aging Daily Serum 2.0 Extra 20%off 654.81 MA20 https://cn.unineed.com/elizabeth-arden-prevage-anti-aging-daily-serum-2-0-50ml.html
Elizabeth Arden – Retinol Ceramide, Line, Erasing Night Serum (60 Capsules) Extra 20%off 322.92 MA20 https://cn.unineed.com/elizabeth-arden-retinol-ceramide-line-erasing-night-serum-60-capsules.html
Elizabeth Arden – Ceramide Vitamin C Capsules (90 pcs) Extra 20%off 386.07 MA20 https://cn.unineed.com/elizabeth-arden-ceramide-vitamin-c-capsules-90-pcs.html

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